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2018 Volunteer Project Information



For the 2018 event, volunteers helped create a bit of joy for children and their families in the hospital during Easter. We created and filled Easter boxes to be delivered to children in the hospital by the Committee for Children in Hospitals, Aktionskomitee Kind im Krankenhaus (AKIK). This organisation provides assistance to children and their families when children must be hospitalized as well as offering support immediately following hospitalization. You can learn more about the organization here.

Photos from the 2018 ECEI Volunteer Project



2017 Volunteer Project: Diakonie

DiakonieJust as in 2016, we made cloth buttons to be sold to benefit the clients of Diakonie and Dobrovolnik living in shelter houses or those in day care centres. We also be making badges which are positioned to spread the word on the benefits of being a volunteer.

2016 Volunteer Project: Diakonie

DiakonieIn 2016, we helped Diakonie create cloth buttons which they sell on special occasions in the markets (like Christmas or Easter) for monies which will be used to provide gifts to those clients living in shelter houses or senior day care centers who cannot afford the holidays. The Diakonie is one of the largest Czech non-governmental organisations operating in the social sphere. Everyday they help their clients in direct care. The Diakonie operates different types of services for the elderly such as: day centres, home care services, hospice care or services for people with different kinds of disabilities. They also provide help for children and young people at risk and people in difficult situations.

Cloth Christmas buttons Assortment of buttons on table



2015 Volunteer Project: The Children’s Trust 

Children's Trust logo

In 2015, volunteers helped create and assemble gift hampers, Easter masks, and decorated props for the Children’s Trust charity’s Easter fair. The Children’s Trust is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury. The charity works with children and young people from across the UK, both from their specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey and in communities around the country. Their vision is that all children with brain injury have the opportunity to live the best life possible. Their services include rehabilitation, expert nursing, medical care and special education. A great time was had by all who participated! 

Volunteer Group 


Table doing crafts 1 Finished crafts Table painting eggs