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You are here : For Attendees  >  Speed Networking

Professional Speed Networking Event

Two people participating in speed networking at ECEISunday, 10 March 2019
11:30am – 12:30pm
Onsite at the conference location, Grand Hyatt Berlin

Find a connection and support development of the profession at the European Compliance and Ethics Institute. Back by popular demand, don’t miss out on the opportunity that offers a structured and informal setting to expand your professional network. 

Our Speed Networking event allows you meet a variety of colleagues leading to conversations that extend beyond the conference. These one-on-one connections are the backbone of the compliance profession.

Sign Up Now

The Speed Networking software will schedule a series of quick introductions to the types of people you’ve indicated you want to meet with. It’s an efficient way to quickly connect with peers who share your challenges and to make new friends at the start of the European Compliance and Ethics Institute. 

Need to cancel your speed networking registration?

If you have already signed up and need to cancel:

  1. Access the registration link
  2. Login and click on the Cancel Registration button 

Please be sure to cancel if you know you cannot be there or you will leave your conversation partner with no one to talk to.