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What Does Brexit Mean to Brethics?

Clearly there is a lot of political fallout over Great Britain’s recent vote to exit the EU – for days after the vote it dominated the news cycles.  We all heard both the fear and support of the decision by the British people.  We heard about immigration, defense, monetary policy and regulatory authority.  And those are certainly all things citizens need to understand and debate, governments need to discern and minimize the fall out of what looks to be a very expensive divorce settlement for all involved.

By J. Rollins
The past 18 months since first blogging on this have past in the wink of an eye and we are now in the final month prior to GDPR taking effect.  Although for many of you the concerns are still the same, there has been some progress in some of the points I made.  The biggest being in the UK discussion.  On that front, despite the UK triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (this is actually what they did and is commonly called “Brexit”), the timing of the completion of their negotiations to leave the union are not complete and when May 25 rolls around next month and GDPR takes effect, the UK will technically still be a member state. 

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