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Three Things I Learned at the 6th Annual SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute

Reflections from the 6th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute. Blog post by Ruth Steinholtz, AreteWork LLP

By Ruth Steinholtz
AreteWork LLP
Reflections from the 6th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute – aka #SCCEecei – where I also delivered a session on #EthicalBusinessRegulation and Culture Change.

I have always been fascinated by the forces within organisations that come together to create outcomes – especially catastrophic outcomes. I had a parallel career in crisis management, which gave me the opportunity to dream up terrible situations for my colleagues to cope with in live exercises. It helped us prepare for the unexpected. Now that I am continuing my crisis prevention work in the field of ethics, I focus on the human and cultural factors that cause that cause ethical misconduct.

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