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Common Session: Fight Against Corruption: Comply or Settle the French Way 

(9:00 – 10:00)

  • First implementation phase of the Sapin II Law
  • French anticorruption agency issues guidelines 
  • French National Financial Prosecutor issues first DPA

Eric Russo, First deputy Prosecutor at the Parquet National Financier, PNF

Maria Lancri, Avocat à la Cour, GGV Avocats à la Cour - Rechtsanwälte

Common Session: Wonders of Spaceflight and Its Risks: Lessons from the Space Shuttle Program

(10:00 – 11:00)

  • What can a compliance officer learn from the Space Program tragedies of Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia?
  • How to encourage a culture where people speak up and listen
  • Where cultures go wrong and the consequences when they do

    Dr. Garrett Reisman, Mission Specialist, STS-132; Crew Member, International Space Station; Twitter: @astro_g_dogg

    Networking Break

    11:00 - 11:30


    501: Best Practices for Multinational Companies Conducting Cross-Border Investigations and Due Diligence

    • What if subsidiaries don't get along? Structuring compliance departments in an international company for maximum efficiency.
    • When borders unite: Increasing expectations on companies from governments that are working together.
    • When borders divide: Navigating employee and third party interviews and background checks, the movement of data, and language and cultural differences.

    Ann Sultan, Attorney, Miller & Chevalier

    Geza Nagy, Compliance Officer, VEON Ltd.    


    502: Compliance in Emerging Markets: Disrupting the Single Story

    • Doing business in emerging markets can be challenging for companies and their compliance officers
    • The speakers have experience working in various emerging markets across different industries, and the presentation will provide a different take on compliance in emerging markets
    • This session is designed to assist compliance professionals in understanding risks in emerging markets but also to share best practices based on their experience in a number of those countries

      Cecilia Fellouse-Guenkel, CEO, Compliance for Good

      Caroline Hailey, Compliance and Ethics Practitioner


      AD503: Compliance and Ethics: Essential Components in Every Manager's Toolkit

      • Discuss how you can use middle manager training to drive a change in how compliance is perceived - from dull annual training to an essential part of a manager's skillset.
      • Focus compliance training to facilitate middle managers' learning and how they can incorporate strong ethical and compliance values day to day.
      • Share simple training tips to help middle managers become better role models and highlight the business value of compliance and ethics to capture manager focus - and thereby spread the load for compliance officers everywhere.

      ADVANCED DISCUSSION: Attendance limited to 50 participants on a first‑come, first‑served basis.

      Sorcha Diver, Senior Manager, Risk and Compliance, Allstate Northern Ireland


      Networking Lunch

      12:30 - 13:30


      601: Coordination between Ethics &Compliance, Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management: Practical Tips on How to Leverage Risk Assessment and More

      • Learn how to use, share and leverage technology.
      • Hear practical examples that lead to more complete Risk Assessment.
      • Can't handle a large diverse company spread throughout the world; Divide and Conquer.

      David J. Heller, VP Risk Management & General Auditor, Edison International

      Heinz Wustmann, Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte GmbH

      602: Mergers & Acquisitions: Managing Corporate Compliance Through Integration and Organizational Change

      • Compliance's Role during Due Diligence
      • Integrating the Compliance Program
      • Change Management

      Jacqueline Cheslow, Avis Budget Group

      Julian Pierro, Head of Legal Central Region, Avis Budget Group

      AD603: Managing Third-Party Supply Chain Risk: How Much is Enough, and When is it Too Much?

      • This lively and interactive advanced discussion session will help you to benchmark your third-party program and provide best practices from people facing the same challenges that you are.
      • Discuss what’s happening in the new modern slavery and human trafficking landscape: What are you doing next? What challenges are you facing?
      • Explore solutions to common third-party risks: data privacy, anti-bribery/corruption, and reputational risk around misconduct that could be attributed to you.

      ADVANCED DISCUSSION: Attendance limited to 50 participants on a first‑come, first‑served basis.

      Kristy Grant-Hart, Owner, Spark Compliance Consulting

      Networking Break

      14:30 - 14:45


      701: Amplifying Communications: Enabling Leader & Manger Led Ethics and Culture Discussions

      • This session looks at how organisations like BP, GSK, Spectris, Volvo and Rolls-Royce are getting self-delivery toolkits into the hands of their leaders and managers to enable a more frequent, but informal drumbeat of ethics and culture discussions with their teams.
      • Looking at strategies employed to engage managers to use these kits.
      • Highlighting some sample kits with the audience.

      David Barr, Director, Campbell Barr

      Darriane Garrett, Senior Compliance Manager, GSK

      Cedric Dubar, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Volvo Cars

      702: Millennial is a Dangerous Word: Gen Y, Gen Ni-Ni, Gen Maybe, or Gen Serious: How to Address Bias and Stereotypes in Relation to Compliance & Ethics 

      • Bias and Culture: You hate millennials, they hate Millennials, we all hate millennials!
      • Aligning this to Compliance and Ethics: What does this have to do with me?
      • What's Next?

      Susan Du Becker, Global Compliance Enablement, Cisco Systems BV

      Laura M. Ellis, Global Compliance Enablement, Cisco International Limited

      AD703: The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: How Do You Identify Your Risk?

      • Risk identification in a multinational business environment
      • The role of the CO in mitigating risks in a multinational business environment
      • How to mitigate risks in a multinational business environment

      ADVANCED DISCUSSION: Attendance limited to 50 participants on a first‑come, first‑served basis.

      Louis Perold, Global Compliance Manager, Jabil

      Guido Febus, Compliance & Ethics Professional